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We have a zero-tolerance approach towards discriminatory language and behaviour. We actively promote equality and celebrate diversity as demonstrated through our work towards achieving the Premier League Equality Standard, and our support of a range of campaigns including: Level Playing Field; Rainbow Laces; Football vs Homophobia; Kick it Out, and our own ‘One Club and One Community Against Hate Crime’ Campaign.

Huddersfield Town Football Club plays an integral role within the local community. We are proud of our reputation of creating and developing community cohesion throughout the town and the wider locality. Football itself plays a unique role in bringing people together from a wide range of different communities, and can provide opportunities for all sections of the community to engage with the Club and participate in the community programmes provided by our charity, Huddersfield Town Foundation.

We wholeheartedly advocate that everyone, regardless of background and any protected characteristic is welcome at the Club, and we expect all stakeholders to behave towards others in a manner consistent with the principles of respect, tolerance and fairness.

Phil Hodgkinson
Huddersfield Town

Equality Standard

Huddersfield Town AFC endorses the principles of promoting equality and celebrating diversity, and will strive to ensure that everyone who is involved in the Club whether as a player, match-day fan, member of staff, member of the Board, a participant in outreach programmes, or in any other capacity:

- Has a genuine and equal opportunity to participate to the full extent of their own ambitions and abilities, without regard to any protected characteristic as defined in the Equality Act 2010 - age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status (including same sex marriage), pregnancy or maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation; and,
- Can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and in particular that they are able to enjoy their engagement at the Club without the threat of discrimination, intimidation, victimisation, harassment, bullying and abuse.

Legal obligations

Huddersfield Town AFC has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, intimidation, victimisation, harassment, bullying and abuse, and we are committed to ensuring that any such allegations are reported and addressed in accordance with the Club’s procedures. This policy reflects our commitment to meeting the requirements of the Premier League Equality Standards and the Equality Act 2010.

The Club fulfils the statutory requirements of the Equality Act 2010 in relation to different protected characteristics. We work hard to ensure that our staff and supporters demonstrate expected standards of behaviour, which are based on the principle of respect for others, and which relate to our zero-tolerance approach to all forms of inappropriate and/or illegal conduct.

Racial, homophobic/transphobic, sexist, ageist or other discriminatory language or behaviour is strictly forbidden and any match-day fan who conducts themselves in a manner that contravenes expected standards of behaviour will be subject to arrest and/or ejection from the Ground.

The Club reserves the right to impose any other sanctions as appropriate/necessary in relation to the conduct of match-day fans, which may include a ban for one or more matches.

Any employee of Huddersfield Town AFC found to be in breach of acceptable standards of conduct in relation to non-discriminatory practice and/or use of language will be subject to the Club’s disciplinary procedures and action will be taken as appropriate following investigation and in accordance with those procedures.

Positive action

As well as complying with legislation, Huddersfield Town AFC will promote equality by taking positive steps to counteract the effects of physical or cultural barriers, whether real or perceived, that restrict the opportunity for all sections of the community to participate equally and fully.

Huddersfield Town AFC will therefore seek to institute, support or contribute to appropriate measures or initiatives that enable access to our club, as well as require participation in associated activities by people from any group that is under-represented in the Club or has difficulty accessing it.


The following steps will be taken to publicise this policy and promote equality and celebrate diversity within Huddersfield Town AFC:

- A copy of this document will be accessible from the Club Charter, within the Club’s website.
- Huddersfield Town AFC’s Board will take overall accountability for ensuring that the policy is observed by all.
- The Board will take full account of the policy in arriving at all decisions in relation to activities of Huddersfield Town AFC, so as not to discriminate against and/or exclude any individual or group.
- Huddersfield Town AFC will implement regular audits, surveys and/or other initiatives designed to assess the level of participation of different sections of the community in the Club and will take account of the findings in developing measures to promote and enhance equality, and celebrate diversity, in the Club.
- Huddersfield Town AFC will provide access to a rolling programme of training (for example, online, face-to-face, briefings) for all of its players, match-day fans, staff, Board members, participants in outreach programmes and other people engaged with the club’s activities to raise awareness of both collective and individual responsibilities in relation to complying with the Equality Act 2010 and eliminating all forms of discrimination and other form of unacceptable conduct.

It will be a condition of working with Huddersfield Town AFC that suppliers/contractors:

- Commit to act in accordance with this policy; and,
- Support such measures and initiatives that Huddersfield Town AFC may institute or take part in to advance the aims of this policy.

To ensure compliance with this policy Huddersfield Town AFC will ensure that in the development of partnership and/or service level agreements with suppliers or other external partners, equality and diversity considerations are incorporated into the terms of engagement.

Responsibility, Monitoring and Evaluation

- The Board will be accountable for ensuring the implementation of this policy. The CEO and Board will be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of equality in the club.
- All employees and/or other stakeholders in Huddersfield Town AFC will be required to adhere to this policy at all times.
- The CEO and Board will review all of Huddersfield Town AFC’s activities and initiatives against the aims of the policy and will report formally to the Board on any identified issues at least annually.
- The CEO and Board will review any measures or initiatives that Huddersfield Town AFC may institute or take part in to promote and enhance equality and celebrate diversity in the Club, and will report their findings annually to the Board.
- The Board itself will review the policy at intervals of no more than three years, (or when necessary due to changes in legislation) in line with Huddersfield Town AFC’s policy review process.

Complaints and Compliance

Huddersfield Town AFC considers all of the forms of discriminatory behaviour, including (but not limited to) racial, homophobic/transphobic, sexist, ageist or other discriminatory language or behaviour, as unacceptable, and is concerned with ensuring individuals feel able to raise any legitimate grievance or complaint related to such language and/or behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing so.

- Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any player, match-day fan, staff, Board member, participant in outreach programmes and other people engaged with the club’s activities who violate Huddersfield Town AFC’s Equality Policy.
- Any person who believes they have been treated in a way that they consider to be in breach of this policy by a player, match-day fan, member of staff, Board member, participant in outreach programmes and/or other people engaged with the Club’s activities should, in the first instance, complain directly to the person responsible if they feel able to do so. Alternatively, a complaint may be made to any member of staff who will ensure the appropriate line manager is notified and that all necessary enquiries and action to resolve the issues can be taken. If this initial intervention does not resolve the matter, or in the case of allegations of discriminatory behaviour against Huddersfield Town AFC itself, the person may raise the matter by writing directly to Ann Hough, Operations Director, by email to
- Huddersfield Town AFC will nominate an appropriate member of staff to investigate any complaint that may be received. The investigation will be conducted impartially, confidentially, and without avoidable delay. Any person against whom a complaint has been made will be informed of the allegation(s) and given the opportunity to present their side of the matter.

The parties in question will be notified of the outcome of the investigation, in writing, and reported to Huddersfield Town AFC’s Board. If the investigation reveals unacceptable, discriminatory behaviour on the part of a person or organisation Huddersfield Town AFC may impose sanctions on that person or organisation in line with its policies. Sanctions may range from a verbal reprimand, a written notice concerning future conduct, and/or temporary or permanent exclusion from Huddersfield Town AFC’s grounds and associated activities. In deciding what sanction is appropriate in a particular case the Board will consider the severity of the matter and take into account any mitigating circumstances.

Where the violation of the Equality Policy by way of harassment, victimisation or discrimination amounts to a criminal offence, the appropriate authority will be informed.

In the event that an individual or organisation associated with Huddersfield Town AFC is subject to allegations of unlawful discrimination in a court or tribunal, the Club’s Board will cooperate fully with any investigation carried out by the relevant lawful authorities and, subject to the outcome, may consider taking action as above in relation to the matter concerned.

Adopted by Huddersfield Town AFC Board.

Huddersfield Town are proud to work alongside Kick It Out and we look forward to continuing alongside them to make football a better sport.

If you hear anything at Town matches that makes you feel uncomfortable or you believe qualifies as abusive behaviour, you can contact our report line. You can text the number giving a brief description of what you’ve heard or seen and the stand, row and seat number where possible.

Let’s kick discrimination out of football – together.

Match day incident supporting number: 0774 1528 949

Kick It Out: 0800 1699 414

You can also report discrimination to Kick It Out via their app or via the online reporting form on their website.

Keep up to date with the organisation’s work at the following:
Twitter: @kickitout and @kickitoutreport
Facebook: @kickitoutofficial
Instagram: @kickitout

Diversity Champions are members of staff that operate at all levels within both Huddersfield Town and Kirklees Stadium Development Ltd.

Our Diversity Champions support Huddersfield Town AFC in promoting and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of our work at the Club and Stadium, they also act as a point of contact for people to discuss equality and diversity if they wish.

The Diversity Champions are identifiable by their Diversity Badge (below).

Should you want more information about who our Diversity Champions are, or the role itself then please contact the Club directly.


Huddersfield Town are delighted to have been awarded the status of ‘Disability Confident Employer’.

The achievement is part of a voluntary scheme supporting employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace.

In order to achieve the Disability Confident status, amongst other improvements, the Club has made various reasonable adjustments where there is a need. This includes investing in specialist furniture and adjusting working hours and roles to enable staff who are experiencing difficulties in relation to a disability, health condition or other reason to continue to make a valuable contribution to the Club.

As well as this, the Club has continued to support its staff’s wellbeing by offering counselling and occupational health support.

Town have also continued to provide training opportunities for staff including the Club’s own ‘Terriers Together’ training, disability awareness, mental health first aid, equality impact assessment and unconscious bias training.

HR Manager Zoe Shackleton commented:

“Being part of the Disability Confident scheme reflects the Club’s commitment to recruiting and retaining disabled people and those with long-term limiting health conditions, based on their skills and talent.

“It’s great to have been recognised for our commitment to inclusive practices, and we look forward to working towards becoming a Disability Confident Leader in the future.”

Huddersfield Town's Equality Action Plan is based around five key aspects:

- That we are aspiring to be a Disability Confident Leader by April 2021
- That we are reviewing our family-friendly policies for staff, including Maternity Pay
- That we are developing a comprehensive EDI training programme for staff to take account of staff in different roles
- That we are investing in software to make our website more accessible
- That we are working with supporter groups to ensure we consistently take feedback on how we can improve the matchday experience for our fans

I was appointed as Club Chaplain to Huddersfield Town in January 2015 and I can honestly say it is an honour and a privilege to provide support and encouragement in this fine, typically Yorkshire community.

Football Chaplaincy is primarily aimed at the care and welfare of players and staff but often extends to the support of our fans too.

I am often asked ‘What does a Chaplain do?’ I like the description of chaplaincy being ‘A ministry of loitering where love is needed most!’ Chaplains are people of faith. It informs what we do and defines how we live our lives.

A significant part of my role is to be a familiar friend within the club offering practical and spiritual support to all who seek it, whether they share my Christian faith, follow another faith or have no faith.

My role includes the management of memorial ceremonies and the provision of plaques around John Smith Stadium. I can also arrange access to temporary prayer room facilities on match days.

I enjoy a unique role, building relationships based on friendship and trust by visiting the club sites regularly and spending time with players and staff, often doing no more than just providing a listening ear.

As a volunteer, I maintain a level of independence which enables conversation where there may be reluctance to be open and honest with someone having club business interests or influence on a career.

The privilege of my role is enhanced when I am invited alongside our amazing people to celebrate the good things in football life but also in providing support in a wide range of challenging circumstances, visiting our people, where appropriate, at home or in hospital and being available at the critical times of life like bereavement, injury, hardship or relationship breakdown.

I also attend departmental meetings, staff training events and briefings as appropriate. In this ‘Level Playing Fields’ week of action, it is good to focus on the rich diversity to be found in the folk associated with all areas of club business and I really enjoy working with all those I have met. I am pleased to have been included on a working party looking to develop all aspects of our equality and inclusion strategy and connecting with our various support networks. I actively support the charitable elements of the community having helped raise money for the Foundation and Pedal for Pounds.

Dudley Martin

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