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Women's + Network

Huddersfield Town's Women’s + Network formed in 2021, starting with nine founding members comprising both staff and supporters.  The original premise of the network was for the members to undertake research to gain insights into female experiences in football, and to implement changes to increase female representation, inclusion, and engagement at and around the game.

Since its public launch in March 2022, the Women's + Network has grown and now has over 60 members, all of whom are playing a key role in opening up dialogue between supporters, staff, and stakeholders of all genders and from all backgrounds to champion, enhance, and celebrate female experiences with the Club.

The group meets at least quarterly and the members are providing valuable insights into their experiences as women attending matches, and as allies and advocates of female inclusion.  We have had fantastic guest speakers at our gatherings, covering topics such as menopause and HRT, wellbeing, life as a professional sportswoman, and domestic abuse.  Network members also had the opportunity to give their feedback directly to Kevin Nagle, our Chairman and owner, at a special afternoon tea that took place in January 2024.

The Women’s+ Network is not just open to people who enjoy watching football; it is open to anyone as an inclusive and supportive forum in which to make friends and to experience a different side of a football environment.  We recognise that not everyone wants to or is able to attend our matches, and we are keen to offer alternative means of engaging with us, which the Women’s+ Network provides.  As a Club that is firmly rooted in the communities of Kirklees, we offer a safe space for people of all genders to contribute to making Huddersfield Town as welcoming and inclusive of everyone as possible.  We look forward to meeting many more new members in the future.

Let us know about your experience of Huddersfield Town and our match days by CLICKING HERE or CLICKING HERE for more information on how to give us your feedback!

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Founding Members

Ann Hough – Operations Director, HTAFC
Zoe Shackleton – HR Manager, HTAFC
Robyn Kennerdale – Head of Supporter Services, HTAFC
Karen Crosland – Head of Safeguarding, HTAFC
Eleanor Haigh – Content and Media Relations Executive, HTAFC
Emily Broome – Huddersfield Town Supporters Association
Alison Bamforth – Chair, Huddersfield Town Women’s Team
Berenice Golding – Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, University of Huddersfield
Sarah Shackleton-Ward – Marketing Officer, Kirklees Apprenticeships for All

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