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28 May 2020

Huddersfield Town celebrates the great work of their supporters

- Huddersfield Town thanks all NHS workers
- Supporters send in pictures of themselves at work
- Send your picture to to be included

Huddersfield Town would like to thank all NHS workers for their superb efforts during this difficult time.

We really appreciate all the work our supporters are doing and to show our appreciation, we have asked supporters to send in pictures of themselves at work.

If you would like to be included, would like a family member or friend to be included, then please email

Keep up the excellent work and please stay safe.

Alan Firth

Alan Firth.jpg

Alex Deibert

Alex Deibert.jpeg

Allana Brown

Allanna Brown.jpg

Amanda Smith

Amanda NHS.jpg

Amy Clegg

Amy Clegg.jpg

Anna Gledhill

Anna Gledhill.jpg

Anna Sanderson

Ann Sanderson.jpeg

Andy O'Connor

Andy O'Connor NHS.jpg

Anwar Haq

Anwar Haq.png

Beckie Whiteley

Beckie Whiteley.jpg

Bobbie-Lee Ryan

Bobbie-Lee Ryan.jpg

Botle Moswatsi

Botle Moswatsi.jpg

Charlotte Kelly

Charlotte Kelly.jpg

Clare Parr

Clare Parr.jpg

Daniel Koulouris and his team

Daniel Koulouris + team.jpg

Daniel Swallow

Daniel Swallow.jpg

Daniella Medrek

Hannah Elizabeth.jpg

Danielle Murphy

Danielle Murphy.jpg

Danny Hawtin and his team

Danny Hawtin + team.jpg

David Hirst

David Hurst.jpg

Debbie Murphy

Debbie Murphy.jpg

Emily Broomfield

Emily Broomfield.jpg

Emma Dobson-Jones

Emma Dobson-Jones.jpg

Hannah Binks

Hannah Binks.jpg

Hayley and Lynne Laverick

Hayley and Lynne Laverick.jpg

Jack Brooks

Jack Brooks.jpg

Jacob Rogers

Jacob Rogers.jpg

James Sutcliffe

James Sutcliffe.jpg

Joanna Duquemin

Joanne Duquemin.jpg

Jody Pickett

Jody Pickett.jpg

Julie Ruminski

Julie Ruminski.jpg

Karen Munro

Karen Munro.jpg

Karen Oldfield

Karen Oldfield.jpg

Kathryn Murphy

Kathryn Murphy.jpg

Kathryn Sykes

Kathryn Sykes.jpg

Katie Schofield

Allison Schofield.jpg

Kayleigh Brook

Kayleigh Brook.jpg

Kelly Brogan

Kelly Brogan.jpg

Kerry Pearson

Kerry Pearson.jpg

Kirsti Reed

Kirsti Reed.jpeg

Kym Abbott

Kym Abbott.jpeg

Laura-Jay Palframan

Laura-Jay Palframan.jpg

Leah Christina

Leah Christina.jpg

Linda Broomfield

Linda Broomfield.jpg

Linzi Marriott

Linzi Marriott.jpg

Lisa Richards

Lisa Richards.jpg

Lucie Sykes

Lucie Sykes.jpg

Lydia Lancaster

Lydia Lancaster.jpg

Lynne Davison

Lyne Davison.jpg

Mark Keating

Mark Keating.jpg

Mat Smith

Mat Smith.jpg

Megan Hewitt

Megan Hewitt.JPG

Michael Hurst

Michael Hurst.jpg

Neeraj Bhasin

Nareej NHS.JPG

Neil Hughes

Neil hughes.jpg

Nutan Joshi

Nutan Joshi.jpg

Rachel Heeley

Rachel Heeley.jpg

Rachel Louise

Rachel Louise.jpg

Robert Cooling

Robert Cooling.jpg

Roy Scriven

ROy Scriven.jpg

Samantha Lickess

Samantha Lickess.jpg

Sarah Tyndall

Sarah Tyndall.jpg

Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson.jpg

Sean Hellawell

Sean Hellawell.jpg

Stacey Louise

Stacey Louise.jpg

Sue Sutcliffe

Sue Sutcliffe.jpg

Tracey Merrington

Tracey Merrington.jpg

Vicky Connor

Vicky Connor.jpg

Yana Pearson

Yana Pearson.jpg

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