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7 June 2020

Town Manager trying to prepare his players for behind closed doors matches

- Danny Cowley taking a lot from the return of football in Germany
- Town Manager discusses the psychological element of no fans in stadiums
- Watch the full interview below on #HTTV!

Huddersfield Town Manager Danny Cowley has been taking a lot from the return to football in the Bundesliga.

With a provisional Sky Bet Championship return date of Saturday 20 June 2020, Town’s Manager believes there’s lots of things his players have to adapt to.

To help with the unusual nature of the potential return, Danny Cowley has been studying football in Germany and the return of the sport their post-COVID-19.

He explained to #HTTV how those learnings can help his plan to prepare his players the best way he can.

“It will be different won’t it. I’ve said this before, football for me is the people’s game. To take supporters out the Stadium you lose the soul of football to a certain degree.

“We all respect that is what has to happen in this next phase. Huddersfield Town is nothing without its supporters.

“Certainly, the games will look different and feel different behind closed doors. There’s some psychological work for us to do to be able to get ourselves in a good place to be able to cope with that.

“We know we have an awful lot to play for. I can imagine its harder for clubs who haven’t go as much to play for.

“We are looking at the Bundesliga who are leading the way in world football at the moment. It’s been really interesting to see the results and some of the patterns. Home advantage doesn’t seem to be such an advantage. The last time I looked only about 18% of teams at home have won games, usually with supporters it would be much higher than that, certainly that’ll be different.

“We’ve also looked at the Bundesliga and the amount of injuries they’ve picked up during this period; that is unfortunately the nature of playing such a number of games in a short space of time.

“Like I said, we are trying to learn from their lead and be in a position where hopefully we can make the players really physically robust to cope as well as they can. There will always naturally be casualties, unfortunately with so many games we respect that, but that’s why it’s really important that we get the whole group on a really good physical position so they can all contribute.”

You can watch Danny Cowley’s full interview below on #HTTV!

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