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10 April 2020

Special workout routine by Town’s Physical Performance Coach

- Workout routines Huddersfield Town supporters can do at home
- Town’s Physical Performance Coach focuses on injury prevention today
- Callum Adams shows you how to carry out the exercises!

Trying to keep fit at home? Huddersfield Town’s Physical Performance Coach Callum Adams has just the workout for you!

Callum has been with the Terriers since 2013 and his role is to ensure that Town’s First Team players are prepared to perform at optimal levels physically to fit the demands of both football and the Terriers’ style of play.

Today, Callum is going to show you how you can put together an injury prevention session in your own home.

This is a 30-minute workout that aims to:
- Increase strength
- Increase stability
- Improve mobility
- Increase co-ordination
- Help with core stability


#1 – Kneeling Hip Flexor + Thoracic Rotation

- In a kneeling position, ensure the leg in front is at 90 degree at the knee, with the knee and toe pointing straight in front of you. The knee of the leg in contact with the floor must also be pointing straight. Reach your arm high and in line with your hip flexor/quad, ensure you tighten your glute for enhanced contraction. Hold for 30 seconds, then with your arms in front, lean forward and rotate away from the body, repeat 10 times.

- This exercise primarily works your hip, quad, oblique and back.

- Three sets of 30 second hold + 10 rotations each side

- Rest 30 seconds between sets

#2 – World’s Greatest Stretch (WGS)

- Begin in a wide stance plank position. Bring your left foot round and level with your right hand. Now move your left elbow inside your left foot. Move your left hand outside your left foot and rotate to reach for the sky.

- This exercise primarily works your hip, quad, hamstring, adductor and back.

- Three sets of 15 second hold + 5 rotations each side

- Rest 30 seconds between sets


#1 – Single leg throw and catch

- With a ball, stand facing a wall roughly 4 ft away or partner. Lift one leg so you are standing on one leg. Stabilise at the ankle, knee and hip. Throw the ball against the wall (or to partner) and catch with two hands (progress by using only one hand). Test yourself with different angles and heights.

- This exercise primarily works your stability at the ankle, knee and hip + co-ordination.

- Three Sets of 30 seconds on each side.

#2 – Tin (cone) start touch (Single leg squat and single leg RDL versions)

- Set three or four tins/cones in front of you, in a line or scattered (example in video). Here we can before in 2 ways; single leg squat, breaking at the knee reach down and touch each tin (cone) with the opposite hand to the leg you are balancing one; single leg RDL breaking at the hip reach down and touch each tin with the opposite hand to the leg you are standing on. Aim here is to stay on one leg through the entire movement, with increasing mobility and good stability.

- This exercise primarily works your stability/mobility at the ankle, knee and hip + co-ordination.

- Three sets of 30 seconds on each side.


#1 – Plank Switch

- In an arm extended plank position, place an object (toilet roll) in front of you. Stabilising at the shoulder, back and hips, grab the toilet roll with one hand and place on back. Return that hand back and use the other hand to grab from back and return to start position. Rotate between hand direction for the allocated amount of reps. Aim here is to not let the toilet roll fall, whilst maintain neutral hips, spine and head.

- This exercise primarily works your Core and shoulder mobility.

- Three sets of six each way.

- Rest 60 seconds between sets

#2 – Rotational side plank

- Place an object (toilet roll) by your side. On one side, in a feet stacked position, extend your arm above and reach for the sky. Bring your hand down, rotate and reach for the object, ensure your head follows. Grab the object and rotate back into start position, perform again but this time place the object back in its original position. Repeat for 20 seconds each side.

- This exercise primarily works your core

- Three Sets of 20 seconds on each side.


#1 – Hurdle hop & hold

- Place three tins (cones) in front of you roughly two feet apart. Directly facing them, on one leg, jump over the first tin and land on the same leg, stick and hold. Ensure you maintain equilibrium (stability) before your jump over the next one. Progress this by continuously jumping over all three hurdles and then sticking at the last one.

- This exercise primarily works your stability, ankle strength, co-ordination and core.

- Three sets of three each side

- Rest 30-45 seconds between sets


#1 – Offset Bulgarian Split Squat

- With a step/box *(roller, sofa, or chair) behind you, reach back with one foot and place it on the step*. The leg in front is the working leg. Hold the weight in the opposite hand to leg that is working. For 3 seconds slowly squat down, then pause when your reach parallel or your range, then stand back up by driving your force through the base of your foot, working the quad, glute and hamstring.

- This exercise primarily works; Quad, hamstring and glute strength, + stability and core.

- Three sets of five on each side

- Rest 90-120 seconds between sets

There will be more stay at home fitness techniques with Callum on, but if you want something sooner, then follow him on Instagram @callumadams_.

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