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28 November 2019

Jonathan Hogg on falling back in love with football

- Huddersfield Town midfielder reveals his struggles on and off the pitch
- Jonathan Hogg on the support of Danny and Nicky Cowley
- Watch the full interview below on #HTTV

Huddersfield Town midfielder Jonathan Hogg is starting to enjoy his football again after falling out of love with the game.

The passionate, all-action midfielder admitted that he struggled both on and off the pitch after a difficult period with the Club.

But after getting his head-straight by working closely with Danny and Nicky Cowley and being given time away from the game, he’s starting to enjoy himself again.

“There’s been a lot off the field, I was struggling big time,” admitted the 31-year-old.

“I wasn’t enjoying coming in to training, wasn’t enjoying playing football anymore.

“I’ve sat down with a lot of people and come out a different side now. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting back on my feet now with my performances and I’m just generally in myself feeling a lot better.

“I hate losing, and when you’re losing every week and doing everything you can to try and get on the right side of results it doesn’t come easy.

“People see you on the pitch, but not here at PPG Canalside every day grafting and working your socks off; it does take a big chunk out of you.

“You take things home with you; the Mrs and kids ask why you’re down and what’s going on and stuff.

“Off the field I was certainly struggling, but now I’m starting to feel good again.”

When Danny and Nicky Cowley were appointed by the Club, Hoggy was quick to air his concerns with them.

He explained to #HTTV how they did all they could to support him.

“Both are good men that you can speak to, family men, and understood the situation.

“I sat down in their office and said look ‘I need to speak to you, I’m not enjoying it and need a change’.

“They sat down, spoke to me, reassured me, gave me some time off and I came back like a new man to be honest.

“I’ve been here a long time now, the last two, two and a half years we haven’t won many games, so its been a long time in football getting kicked up the backside every week; it’s hard.

“They’ve come in, understood, and gave me some time off away from the squad and got behind me. They pointed me in the right direction and that certainly helped me.

“It helped me clear my mind, helped me understand what nice men they are and how much they understood me.

“He (Danny) told me that I was a big part of his plans, but he hasn’t seen the best of me; I know that. Hopefully I’m going to show him a lot more than what he’s seen so far.”

You can watch the full heart-warming interview below on #HTTV!

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