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17 June 2019

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Find out about Town’s video subscription service for the 2019/20 campaign

- Domestic and international iFollow HTAFC passes available
- Watch Huddersfield Town games through the video service
- Passes can be purchased from Monday 1 July 2019

What is iFollow HTAFC, how does it differ from #HTTV+ and what does it include? Find out below what you can expect from Huddersfield Town’s premium video service!

Following Huddersfield Town’s relegation to the Sky Bet Championship, the Club has changed its premium video service from #HTTV+ to iFollow HTAFC.

Due to the change in name, it may seem like a lot has changed, but in theory it hasn’t, and it may actually allow you to watch more Huddersfield Town games!

iFollowHTAFC will allow you to watch some Town Sky Bet Championship matches, hear live BBC Radio Leeds commentary from every match during the 2019/20 campaign regardless of where in the world you live or are visiting, see extended highlights and much more.

There are two Domestic (UK) packages and one international package available, here’s more about them:

Domestic (UK) Season Pass

You can purchase the Domestic (UK) Season Pass that will run throughout the 2019/20 campaign.

The Domestic (UK) Season Pass will cost £45 for the full year and allows you to listen to in-game commentary, provided by BBC Radio Leeds, for every Town game during the Sky Bet Championship 2019/20 campaign.

Alongside this, you will also be able to watch extended highlights from Town games both home and away, re-live the 90 minutes from every Sky Bet Championship game and more! Details will follow.

You can also purchase a Domestic (UK) Pass monthly for just £4.49.

Please note by purchasing the Domestic (UK) Season Pass, you will not automatically be able to watch some of Town’s Sky Bet Championship games live through iFollowHTAFC.

Domestic (UK) Match Pass

This is different to the Domestic (UK) Season Pass as the Match Pass can only be bought for the specific Huddersfield Town matches.

Essentially, if the Terriers are playing between 2.45pm and 5.15pm (UK time) on a Saturday or live on Sky Sports, then a match pass will NOT be able to be purchased.

However, when Town play midweek, on a Saturday that isn’t between the times above, or on a Sunday and the game isn’t selected for UK broadcast, then a Match Pass will become available.

You can purchase a Match Pass for £10 per game. Please note you DON’T need a season or monthly pass to purchase a Match Pass.

International Season Pass

The International Season Pass will provide Town supporters who live outside the UK with a great opportunity to watch the Terriers in the Sky Bet Championship.

Through the International Season Pass, supporters outside the UK will be able to watch a number of Town games throughout the 2019/20 Sky Bet Championship campaign.

Every Town game that isn’t selected by UK or international broadcasters will be available for supporters with the International Season Pass to watch.

Alongside this, international supporters will also be able to listen to live commentary, which is provided by BBC Radio Leeds, for every game during the season and have access to all the extras such as extended match highlights.

If you would like to purchase an International Season Pass, then it’ll cost £130 for the whole year.

Please note you cannot purchase monthly passes if you live outside the UK.

International Match Pass

If you live outside the UK and don’t want a Season Pass, then you can still purchase a Match Pass.

Like stated above, match passes will only be available for supporters outside of the UK for games that aren’t selected for UK or international broadcast.

International Town fans can purchase a Match Pass for just £5.

Current Subscriptions to #HTTV+

If you currently subscribe to #HTTV+, then your subscription will not automatically renew and will come to an end.

If you would like to subscribe to iFollowHTAFC, then you can sign-up from Monday 1 July 2019.

Pre-season Friendlies

Huddersfield Town plans to stream some of the pre-season friendlies this summer.

Please note that you will NOT be able to purchase a Match Pass for the pre-season friendlies.

To watch these streams supporters will have to sign-up to iFollow HTAFC through either the Domestic or International Season Pass or the Domestic Monthly Pass.

Games available to broadcast

Huddersfield Town will let supporters know which games ‘match passes’ can be purchased for both domestically internationally.


Domestic UK Season Pass

- Costs £45 for the season
- Listen to all Town games with BBC Radio Leeds commentary
- Watch exclusive video footage like Full 90 and extended highlights

Domestic UK Monthly Pass

- Costs £4.49 a month
- Includes all the detail above

Domestic UK Match Pass

- Costs £10 per game
- Don’t need to have a season or monthly pass
- Only certain matches will be available for supporters to watch

International Season Pass

- Costs £130 for the season
- Watch a number of Town matches
- Receive BBC Radio Leeds commentary for all games
- Watch exclusive video footage like Full 90 and extended highlights

International Match Pass

- Costs £5 per game
- Don’t need to have a season pass
- Only certain matches will be available for supporters to watch

More information about iFollow HTAFC will be released in due course.

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