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22 January 2019

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Extensive rundown from Jan Siewert’s full press conference as Huddersfield Town Head Coach

- Rundown of Jan Siewert’s first press conference at Huddersfield Town
- Town’s new Head Coach explains his style of play
- Watch the full press conference on #HTTV+

New Huddersfield Town Head Coach Jan Siewert sat down with the press for the first time on Tuesday 22 January 2019.

Following the press conference at the Club’s PPG Canalside Training Ground, has provided supporters with an extensive rundown on what the Head Coach said to the media.

First words...

“I’d like to say that I’m very proud to be the new Head Coach of Huddersfield Town. I would like to thank the Club, Dean Hoyle, Julian Winter and also Borussia Dortmund and Michael Zorc to make it possible that I have the opportunity to start here at Huddersfield Town.

“I’d like to point out that I have the biggest respect for what David Wagner did here; it was incredible. This is something that was fantastic and belongs to the people here in Huddersfield and the history of the Club.

“Furthermore, I’d like to thank Mark Hudson for the work he did last week; it was very important. I’m really looking forward to my work here.”

Keeping in touch with Huddersfield Town

“We stayed in touch since I was working in Bochum, as you know, until the end of my contract I was working for the Club full-time. I followed what was happening here in Huddersfield and it was fascinating to me. It’s a special club and that’s why I wanted to sign for Huddersfield Town.

“I have always done things my way, so I can’t be compared with David Wagner. He is a fantastic Manager and had much success here. Now it’s my new world here, a new chapter. The most important thing is that I’m used to the professional players. I like to challenge myself and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the players.”


Style of play

“I have my own way of playing football. We are in a certain situation at the moment and the team is in a certain situation, so first of all I’d like to point out that I have to understand the players, then we can do everything, of course. My style is my style, but we have to work it out with the players because they are important.”

Martin from Wakefield

“I have to thank Martin from Wakefield! By the way, he’s a fantastic guy, I met him yesterday. What he is doing is great for the people in the charity. I’ve been in touch with Huddersfield Town for a few years now, I have observed some games and have some thoughts on the squad.”


“The most important thing is that there’s a fantastic atmosphere in the Stadium, the fans make games very special and I’m looking forward to feeling it.”

Staying in the Premier League

“Without being confident, I wouldn’t sit here. We have to work hard, do our very best and prepare for everything. We have 15 more games and my only focused is the task that I have to do with the team.”

Youngest Manager in the Premier League

“I am the youngest one? I did not know that; it’s a compliment! I am confident that I can show my work here in the Premier League. I respect all the things in the Premier League, the biggest league in the world and I’m proud I can be a part of it. Since my coaching career, I’ve always challenged myself and develop year on year. I like to challenge myself and most importantly I like to challenge the lads, I’m looking forward to it.”

Next step

“As I tried to explain, Huddersfield Town is a very special club for me and it’s very familiar. I was observing the games and had a connection through that. I’m very proud to be signing here, it’s the next step for me, a big step, but I’m looking forward to getting started.”

Contact with David Wagner

“Not yet, I will, but not yet because I’ve had so many things to do, but I will.”

Similar traits to David Wagner

“Of course, there are similarities, but I am Jan Siewert and in will do things my way. We should not compare us to because it’s not possible. The most important thing is that the family of the Club is proud.”

Hard job after Wagner success?

“I am focusing on my work and doing things my way. I am Head Coach of Huddersfield Town, which makes me extremely proud. The most important thing, as I said, is that I have respect of what David (Wagner) did; it was incredible. It was fantastic for everyone here that the Club could develop like that. Please give me my view, I’d like to figure out the next part of the story. I will do things my way and that’s what’s important now.

German players in squad

“I’d like to talk to everyone in English and that’s really important because we are an English football club and it’s English thinking. Maybe some of the German players could teach me some more English words.”

You can watch the full press conference below on #HTTV!

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