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Club News


28 February 2018

Club News


28 February 2018

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Latest ATT Voices Panel meeting at the John Smith’s Stadium

- ATT Voices Panel meeting in January 2018
- 21st meeting of the ATT Voices Panel
- Fans’ panel meeting attended by Chief Executive Julian Winter and Operations Director Ann Hough

Details from the January 2018 meeting of the 'All Together Town' meeting have today been released.

15 members of the Voices Panel were in attendance as well as Huddersfield Town staff members, Head of Marketing and Communications David Threlfall-Sykes, Club Ambassador Andy Booth, Supporter Services Manager Robyn Kennerdale, Marketing Manager Jonathan Wilkinson, IT Manager John Armitage and Ticket Office representative Dan Cooper. Independent Supporter Liaison Officer Nathan Hosker was also present

The meetings topics were Online Ticketing, Catering Update, Safe Standing, HD1, the Academy and the Match Day PA System.

Andy Booth opened the meeting by welcoming the Voices Panel.


VP read out an e-mail from a supporter that he had received. The online site not working properly and saying tickets have sold out when they haven’t, which happened for Liverpool and Stoke.

DC advised they are working on the online ticketing site with Ticketmaster, had a new skin put on and trying to be more mobile phone compatible. The supporter may have been booking on his phone? It is being worked on, not all in the Club’s hands.

VP asked if there an issue with using different browsers?

JA confirmed he will ask Ticketmaster for their preferred browser; he will email them and find out

DC advised that this is not just an issue with this supporters account, it has happened with others too.

DTS added that some supporters set themselves up as a new client, so they can have a few accounts instead of just one. Fans can check and log in to see if their client ref numbers match with their online account, if it doesn’t there is a video on the HTAFC YouTube channel to show how to merge accounts.

VP requested an update on Terrier Exchange?

DC noted that this is working from the Club’s point of view. Their may be some challenges initially but these should ease with familiarity.

VP asked if Ticket Office are checking seats where people aren’t using Terrier Exchange but not coming?

DC advised we will be looking at who isn’t attending and added that we can’t force people to use it but we are going to try and contact them.

VP asked if we are getting close to 24k turning up each week?

AH confirmed actual attendances.

JW advised the standard rule of thumb across Clubs is that there is always around a 10% no show. We can and will do an analysis, but we are in year one of a challenging year it is not just a problem for us.

VP asked if it would be more of an incentive if people got the actual cash back instead of money towards their next season card? More PR?

DC advised that this is the first season so we will take all views on board, however it will not change this season.

VP asked if there were any plans to look into the Away Priority System and family splits?

DC confirmed that this will be looked at for next season, if every P1 member took a family member with them it would mean nothing left for P2. We have all the data from this season to be able to make a calculated judgement for next season on the away ticket priority system, but we haven’t decided whether this the current system will be used or not.


VP advised that the mystery shopping continuing, still working with Kudos and giving them feedback.

The Club was involved with Kudos in bringing in Jones Pies, who are now also a Club Partner. The feedback to the club has been positive, so if there are any issues they need to be addressed.

The arrangement with Kudos is different to that of Sodexo. The contract provides for three revenue streams (HT, HG & KSDL non-match day) and HT benefits directly now from increasing sales and revenues on its match days. We will address any issues with the pies with Kudos, KSDL and the supplier Jones Pies.


The Club is broadly supportive of the idea however it is clear that there needs to be a change in legislation.

CSL/HTSA confirmed they have put a lot of time and effort into the ‘Stand Up for Town’ campaign, contacting lots of groups. They have tried pushing the Club on this and done their own survey but have been waiting for an answer from the Club on its position, and opinion on Safe Standing if the legislation changes.

JW advised that the Club is not in direct control, but as stated is broadly supportive of the idea.

DTS provided results of the Club’s Safe Standing survey.

CSL/HTSA commented that legislation is secondary. Supporters get ignored, so the Club needs to shout from the rooftops. Bill Bush and Richard Scudamore said it is Clubs that need to push for this.


The HDOne project will diversify the revenues of KSDL as an entity and become less reliant on the two Clubs. HT has no direct funding involved in the HDOne project.


We are still running an Academy as a Category 4 programme. This means we will only recruit and develop players from the age of 16 (or post-secondary school education) and have teams at under 18 & 23, although the structure of the teams is something we may adapt as we go forward.

The Academy was non-productive during 5 years of EPPP. In the future we will develop new ideas and invest more money into the way the Academy operates to improve player development and productivity to drive young players into the first team squad in the coming years.

The changes to the Academy were not something we could consult with fans on as the priority was to communicate with players, parents and staff first.


CSL noted that the Club have tried turning the music down ten mins before kick-off and that helped us creating the atmosphere in the South Stand, but then it has gone back up recently.

VP commented that in the Revell Ward Stand it is not loud enough.

DTS advised that he would look to turn down the volume in the SS and leave the same in other areas as a trial.


VP advised he had held a meeting with Luke Cowan HTAFC Retail Manager and discussed various aspects of the shirt procedures.

AB we will be sending out information to the VP members regarding two requests we have received relating to match days and fan engagement for their feedback.

VP commented as to whether the Voices Panel needed to be more diverse.

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