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14 July 2017

Helpful info about the away priority scheme

- FAQs on away ticket prioritisation
- Expected away allocations until Xmas
- Other info on the scheme

What are the expected allocations for Town’s Premier League away games?

For the league games up until Christmas, here are the estimated away allocations.

Only AFC Bournemouth has confirmed this number at this stage, so they are subject to change.

Crystal Palace – 2,545
West Ham United – 3,000
Burnley - 2,261
Swansea City – 2,108
Liverpool – 3,000
AFC Bournemouth – 1,332
Arsenal - 3,000
Everton - 3,000
Watford – 2,143
Southampton – 3,300

How are away allocations in the Premier League worked out?

The allocations received from clubs will be a minimum of 3,000 unless the capacity of the stadium in question is less than 30,000. If that is the case, 10% of the stadium capacity is allocated - unless a dispensation is issued by the Premier League.

As a result, the minimum allocation Town expect to receive in the 2017/18 Premier League season will be 1,332 from AFC Bournemouth.

Will all the tickets always go to fans in Priority 1?

We don’t expect so.

To give you some idea of how that priority scheme worked in 2016/17, it was applied to the Manchester City game. Tickets went on sale to ‘Super Priority’ fans and 700 were sold to that category.

Why is home Season Card membership such a big factor?

The Club is trying to say thanks to fans who have backed the Club since Dean Hoyle took over back in 2009, plus it became a clear priority when Away Ticket Prioritisation was brought up to the ‘All Together Town’ fans panel.

Is the ‘Terriers on Tour’ membership being opened again?

There are no current plans to do so.

Terriers on Tour membership from the 2016/17 season has been included to try and prioritise supporters who value going to away games.

Why can’t you just base it on how many away games fans went to since Dean took charge, or based on a points system?

Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible to confirm. Away game data is very patchy because fans have paid on the day so often, even as recently as last season.

This is one of the elements that will be reviewed as we move forward.

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