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2 July 2014

Town returns ahead of 2014/15 season

Mark Robins’ Huddersfield Town players return to prepare for the 2014/15 Sky Bet Championship campaign has been a ‘testing’ time!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the squad has visited the University of Huddersfield’s Ramsden’s building where, in groups of three, the players undertook a battery of testing.

The Terriers’ new Head of Sports Science Al Stewart and First Team Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Hughes oversaw the testing period, which new recruits Joe Murphy and Lee Peltier were involved in.

Speaking during the tests, Al told

“The players have undertaken a variety of tests, essentially to identify any areas that need improvement. We have highlighted things that they might not be best at, which will help us programme their strength work moving forward.

“The test included a movement screen with Dan (Hughes), which has looked at the players’ functional movement ability. Other tests included a number of squats and lunges and a ‘Bod Pod’, which is a body composition test and something that the players did last season. As a result we have historical data that we can use to see how each individual player has developed. We have also taken skin fold measurements so that we can compare the two results. 

“They also went through a vertical jump protocol, during which they did a squat jump, counter movement jump, counter movement jump with arms and single leg versions of jumps. All that information will help us build individual programmes.

“Finally, the players performed an isokinetic test which involved knee extensions and flexions. That will give us a ratio between their quadriceps and hamstrings, which can predict the risk of injury. 

“On Thursday the players will hit the grass at PPG Canalside and do some fitness testing, which will involve the yo-yo test. There will also be some work with the footballs before an afternoon gym session.”

Check back to on Thursday for a gallery from Town’s first day of pre-season training! 

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