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23 January 2014

ATT online panel gives opinions to Club

Results are in from the recent Safe Standing survey that was sent to members of the ATT online panel on Tuesday 14 January.
Of 378 people who were sent the survey, 204 people completed it. 
72% of respondents stated that they would like the option to stand safely whilst watching Town matches, but only 55% of these people said they would routinely give up their seat to be a part of a safe standing area. 
An overwhelming 92% of people who took part in the survey indicated that they would like to see Huddersfield Town formally support the Safe Standing campaign - their main reasons being their belief it would lead to a better atmosphere, with the additional observation that the creation of a standing area would also mean that those who want to sit would not have their view blocked in seated areas. It could also reduce conflict between stewards and fans. 
Those who indicated they do not think Huddersfield Town should support the Safe Standing campaign gave the reasons that all seater stadiums feel more family friendly.
The final section of the survey was focused on the potential price of tickets in Safe Standing areas, which revealed 46% of respondents would expect both match day and Season Card prices to remain the same. 43% of people however would expect to see match day prices decrease by up to £5, with 46% expecting Season Card prices to fall by up to £100.
Full results of the survey can be found HERE.
HTAFC Chief Executive Nigel Clibbens commented: 

“It is clear to see that the majority of those people surveyed would like to see HTAFC formally support the Safe Standing campaign (92%), although interestingly only 55% of those people said they would routinely give up their seat - a low percentage in comparison. 
“Reductions in ticket price in any potential Safe Standing areas would be a challenge for the Club, as any reductions could mean loss in total revenue. However, this could be offset if more people were to attend games due to potential improvements in atmosphere if a standing area was introduced.
“The results of this survey will now be reviewed and discussed by the Directors when preparing our response to the Football League’s consultation exercise on Friday 24 January.”

For full details on Town's All Together Town' project, click HERE. For the results of the first ATT survey, click HERE.

On 27 December 2013, The Football League asked its clubs to participate in a consultation exercise. 
'The Football League has invited Clubs to comment on what change, if any, you would like to see to the current regulations and to Government policy and answer four questions:
Should The Football League approach the Minister for Sport to request that the ‘all-seater’ stadia requirement for Championship clubs be reviewed with a view to the re-introduction of standing accommodation? 
Should The Football League approach the Sports Grounds Safety Authority to request that rail seating products be licensed in Football League grounds? 
Should clubs be permitted to accommodate supporters standing in rail seating in The Football League Championship? 
Should clubs be permitted to revert from seating to standing accommodation in League 1 and League 2 following relegation from The Football League Championship?
Huddersfield Town is required to give its response to the Football League on Friday 24 January.
For background information on Safe Standing provided by the Football League, click HERE.
If you would like to be added to the ATT Online Panel to receive surveys via email in the future, please email with your name, date of birth, address and postcode, email address and client reference number.

Please note that the Safe Standing survey results PDF does not include bespoke comments made on questions.

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