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28 February 2014

Manager looking forward to derby atmosphere

Mark Robins is looking forward to the derby atmosphere at Saturday's match as Town trial the #FilltheFMLower campaign.

As part of the campaign, Town fans have been invited to sit in the lower section of the Fantastic Media for tomorrow’s match against Barnsley.

Speaking about the initiative, Mark said:  “I know a few ladies and gents who will be in the FMLower tomorrow and they can play a huge part; I think it is fantastic what the Club are trying to do. The Kop at Liverpool plays a huge part in creating a fantastic atmosphere at Anfield and if we can get anywhere near that then the trial will be a huge success.”

Both sets of fans will have to go some way to recreate the atmosphere of last season though, when both clubs secured their Championship survival on the final day.

Mark said: “I have unbelievable memories of that match! We went behind and were in the bottom three; then it was 1-1 and we were safe and then they went back ahead. It was a surreal afternoon.

“I had Steve Eyre sat next to me who kept saying “we are in trouble, boss” and “we are in the bottom three, boss” and I was just hoping that we could do something. I brought on Lee Novak to try and pin them in and thankfully it worked. Lee got the ball and gave it to James Vaughan who put it in the back of the net.

“We were safe and then news came through that Crystal Palace had scored against Peterborough meaning both teams were safe,” he added. “The next bit was unbelievable; I was shouting on telling the players to attack them, but both teams just sat on the ball. Looking back on it you could describe Dave Flitcroft as Houdini. 

“The final few minutes will live with everyone in the Stadium for a long time. I have worked for both clubs and know what it meant to both sets of fans. 

“The high emotions felt that afternoon won’t be experienced on Saturday, but this season we are in a forward direction and want to continue that.”

Like last season, Barnsley arrive in Huddersfield fighting relegation whereas the Terriers are looking up the table.

Although Town aren’t currently fighting for survival or promotion, Mark believes that his players should still be fully motivated.

“The motivation should be intrinsic for the players; they should want to be the best they can be every day,” he said. “If you aren’t motivated to do the best you can every day then, as far as I am concerned, they should be doing something different. 

“It is a dream to be a footballer and when you retire all you want to do is turn the clock back and play again. 

“Those players that aren’t motivated to be the best won’t progress and won’t be with us for long. Generally speaking, we have got a good group of lads who are giving me everything that they are capable of.”

Town have been inconsistent of late though, something Mark wants to rectify before the season is out.

“We need to try and break the inconsistency that we are currently experiencing,” Mark said. “We haven’t scored a goal in our last two home games and have conceded five and whilst that isn’t brilliant, it isn’t a major concern. I know that we are a capable team.

“We were outstanding away from home against Birmingham and it is frustrating when we can’t replicate that on a more regular basis. 

“We have embedded a style of football that the fans enjoy watching; we know that they are behind us and they have been fantastic this season.

“As a coach you can help the players with their thought processes and decision making skills,” he continued. “Some players are more comfortable with it than others, but essentially it is about understanding that individually you are a good player and collectively a good team. 

“When we perform to our maximum we are a handful for any team in the league; it is really early days, though.

“There is a lot of planning going on for the short, medium and long term and I know where I want to take the Club.” 

For more information regarding the #FilltheFMLower campaign - click HERE

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