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10 October 2013

Winger put on the spot by Reading Diary winner Alisha Bean

Huddersfield Town winger Sean Scannell was put under the spotlight during the international break when he visited School Partner North Huddersfield Trust.

Scannell was interviewed by student Alisha Bean (pictured above), who won the Reporter Competition in the Town Foundation’s summer Reading Diary. 

As the winner, Alisha got the chance to speak with Sean, her favourite Huddersfield Town player, and ask him a variety of questions!

Below is a transcript from the interview:

Alisha: When you were younger which sports, apart from football, did you like?
Sean: American Football and Basketball 

Alisha: When you were younger what did you like to do?
Sean: Apart from playing football, I used to just enjoy hanging around with my friends.

Alisha: Do you live in Huddersfield?
Sean: Yes I do, but I grew up in Croydon

Alisha: How long have you been a professional footballer?
Sean: Seven years 

Alisha: Is football a pressurised sport?
Sean: Yes; it’s great when you are winning, but when you’ve not won for a couple of games the pressure builds on the team and the manager

Alisha: Are you a confident person?
Sean: Yes I’m quite laid back and I don’t let things get on top of me; I’m always confident when I go and play football

Alisha:  How many hours a week to you train?
Sean: About 12 hours. We normally train Sunday, Monday day-off, Tuesday morning and afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursday day-off then Friday morning preparing for the game on Saturday

Alisha: Do you get on with all your team-mates?
Sean: Yes, I’m very chilled and I like them all and they all like me

Alisha: Who’s your best friend in the team?
Sean: Joel Lynch

Alisha: Are you married and do you have any children?
Sean: I’m not married, but I have a son called Kayden

Alish: Do you have any pets?
Sean: No I’m scared of all animals! I don’t mind going to the zoo when the animals are away from
Alisha: I’ve got fish.
Sean: I’ve got a fish tank, but no fish in it

Alisha: What music do you like?
Sean: I like R & B music; Drake and Jay-Z are my favourite artists at the moment

Alisha: Can you drive and what car do you drive?
Sean: I’m just learning at the minute

Alisha: Do you speak any other language?
Sean: No, but I’d like to learn to speak Spanish

Alisha: If you weren’t a footballer what would you be?
Sean: I’d love to be a basketball player or American footballer

Alisha: Do you have good fashion sense?
Sean: I like to wear tracksuits, but I’d say I’m the coolest player in the team

Alisha: Are you proud of your achievements?
Sean: Yes, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far in my career, but there is still a lot more I want to achieve and it would be great to play in the Premiership with Huddersfield Town.

Town’s School Partnership is a free scheme for education establishments in West Yorkshire. The scheme currently features 60 schools who are regularly receiving cash back from ticket sales, coaching sessions and player visits.

For more information contact Rachel Taylor, Schools Co-Ordinator on 01484 484113 or e-mail!

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