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20 March 2013

Paxman creates pioneering prevention treatment for cancer patients

A long-time supporter of Huddersfield Town has created a pioneering hair loss prevention treatment for cancer patients.
Hair loss is a well-documented side effect of many chemotherapy treatments  and Huddersfield-based Paxman, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of scalp cooling equipment, has created the ‘Cool Head, Warm Heart’ campaign to try and give cancer patients the option of keeping their hair.
Paxman – a long term corporate supporter of Huddersfield Town and current box-holder – has created a petition appealing to the government to make scalp cooling, which can help prevent hair loss during chemo, available as the standard treatment practice. 
Scalp cooling (or cold cap treatment as it is more commonly known) systems work by lowering the temperature of the scalp immediately before, during and after the administration of chemo. This can prevent or minimise the damage caused to hair follicles, meaning that hair loss is not inevitable.
The campaign aims to raise the profile of scalp cooling and make everyone in the UK aware that it is available free of charge in some NHS and private hospitals throughout the country, if requested by patients, nurses or doctors.
Claire Paxman, Sales and Training Manager at Paxman, commented: “I deal every day with people who are terrified of losing their hair when they have been diagnosed with cancer. To some people it may seem insignificant but to most cancer patients it’s quite the opposite. It’s the first outwardly visible sign of the illness and is like a beacon telling everyone you have cancer when most want to keep this to themselves. 
“Everyone deserves to be offered scalp cooling and have the opportunity to save their hair and their dignity. I was 14 years old when I cut off my mum’s beautiful blonde curly hair because it was falling out with her chemo. Something I will never forget. Things like this do not have to happen for others!”
Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis, pictured above with Glenn and Claire Paxman, added:
“Cancer is an incredibly traumatic illness and anything that can be done to help ease the symptoms should be looked at in full detail.”
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