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23 October 2012

Grayson disappointed with standards at Peterborough

Huddersfield Town Manager Simon Grayson was disappointed that his side’s standards slipped in tonight’s 3-1 defeat at Peterborough United.

“We lost too many battles, both collectively as a team and in too many individual performances. Over the course of 90 minutes Peterborough deserved the victory,” Simon told

“We showed some of our good side at the weekend by getting in the opposition’s faces, making it difficult and playing from the shape of the team but tonight we played too slowly both with and without the ball. We didn’t close people down enough, pass it with a purpose and we over-elaborated at times; we made a lot of bad decisions. At this level, you will get punished by everybody when you do that.

“An example of our poor decision-making came in the second half. We had Adam Hammill and Sean Scannell up front, who are around 5’ 9” tall, and we’re throwing big balls forward towards their three big centre halves. That’s an example of our decision making. 

“This was a really tough game for us. We were hyped up at the weekend but we had to be better and harder to beat as a team than we were today.

“Peterborough played a formation that we didn’t really get to grips with, but our players weren’t taking responsibility by getting close enough to people or by communicating to other players around the pitch to help them out. 

“George Boyd’s second goal was a great one – he has great vision and he’s capable of doing that. He caused us a few problems getting into little areas and pockets, but we contributed to our own downfall. On the first goal the ball was dead for over 30 seconds and yet we still switched off and don’t mark the centre forward! 

“Maybe I should have changed the team, but having just won the game against Wolves I wanted to give the same players the opportunity to get another victory. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

“We had an opportunity to get back into the game at 3-1 and I thought we might just get on the front foot a little bit, but we didn’t pass it with a purpose or get to grips with individuals.

“We knew at half-time that if we got the next one to make it 2-1 we had a real opportunity against a team that has been struggling at home. I didn’t make changes to give the lads the opportunity to take on board what we said at half time, but once we conceded we had to take decisions to try and get us back into the game.

“It’s hugely frustrating for everybody, including the big following we had here tonight. If you are going to do anything in the Championship throughout the course of the season the good and great teams come to places like London Road and grind a result out. We were too easy to play against tonight; we weren’t solid enough as a team or win enough individual battles, whereas at the weekend we won every single one. 

“You can’t reach the standards we set against Wolves every week, but we want to get as close as possible as often as possible to be successful. 

“We have to learn from nights like tonight and we will, because as I have said many times we have good lads that want to work hard. I’m not going to make drastic decisions tonight and we’ll analyse the game. It’ll be a different game at Millwall; it’s a difficult place to go, but it’s down to the individuals as well – they have to think about what they have to do to warrant a place at the weekend. 

“I’ve just said to the players that we have to learn from tonight and we should be frustrated and disappointed, because we aim for high standards every time we train and play. We got nowhere near that tonight.”

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