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20 November 2012

A statement from Huddersfield Town

On-loan midfielder Adam Hammill has today admitted two assault charges at Liverpool Magistrates Court and has been given a suspended 12 week sentence, 150 hours of community service and a fine.
Huddersfield Town’s Chief Executive Nigel Clibbens commented:
“Rather than the good things that Huddersfield Town and its players and staff are doing to ‘make a difference’, we have been associated with this incident; it is damaging to our Club. As a Board of Directors, we consider this a very serious matter.
“We quickly took steps to impose a maximum fine and stand Adam down from playing in the immediate aftermath of his arrest because of his admitted misconduct, which led to the Paramedics being called, but kept our options open for further action pending the enquiries of the Police and the outcome of his trial.
“In advance of the completion of the judicial process, the Board has been considering carefully how to respond. 
“After long deliberations, the Board have decided that we will allow Adam’s loan to continue until its scheduled end date on 13 January 2013. That decision should not in any way detract from our condemnation of his behaviour and was not taken lightly. 
“As a Club we always seek to face up to difficult issues and tackle them head-on. We feel strongly as a responsible club we should always try ‘do the right thing’, even if it might not be the easiest or most popular decision.
“In this case, in our view, we need to do what we can to give him the help he needs, rather than pass a problem onto somebody else or leave these issues unaddressed. That is the responsible thing to do for our Club.  
“From the outset Adam has not sought to excuse his actions or hide from them. Adam fully accepts the mistakes has made and understands the damage he has done. He has demonstrated genuine remorse to us, his Manager and our Chairman. With the help of the Club he has already started to take the first steps to ensure he learns the lessons.  These are all important in starting to repair the damage and slowly rebuild a degree of trust again. If Adam had not responded in that way he would not had even a short term future at Huddersfield Town.
“It has been made very clear to Adam that he must grasp the opportunity given to him by us in the right way and do all he can to rebuild his reputation.  It’s now down to him to show what he is made of.”
Adam Hammill added:

“I would like to apologise to the people involved in this incident, as well as to the Club and its supporters for letting them down. I’m thoroughly embarrassed by the whole affair and regret what happened.

“I would also like to thank the Board and Management at Huddersfield Town, as well as my family and friends, for their support during this time. I now want to repay that faith through my performances on the pitch and my conduct both on and off the field.”

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