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31 August 2012

An update on development of

Huddersfield Town’s official website,, provided by Football League interactive, underwent a complete re-launch in July and changes aimed to improve the usability of the webpage are still on-going.

Huddersfield Town’s Communications Department has been collating the most frequently asked question about the site and has put this guide together to educate fans as to the on-going development of the new site.

The Football League is asking for design feedback from clubs ahead of a meeting in London in September – and Huddersfield Town will be in attendance at this meeting.

With IT changes difficulties can always arise, but Huddersfield Town saw this coming and asked to be towards the end of the switchover so that many of the bugs could be ironed out in advance. Town supporters may not see this, but our end-user experience has actually been much better than that of the first clubs that launched in the first wave at the beginning of July.

The Huddersfield Town Communications Department is doing everything it can to make the experience better for Town fans, but for now we would recommend everyone follows the Club on twitter for all the latest news - @htafcdotcom.

Mobile site

FLi’s tailor made mobile sites will be rolling out in September and are built on the Netbiscuits mobile publishing platform. They will have the same Web-Wap redirect process that was on the previous Perform websites. 

Sapient had to put space between the website and mobile site rollouts due to development workload but also to minimise their risk as two launches rolling out concurrently, in their opinion, posed many risks.

Currently accessing the website takes you through to the full live site, which currently works well on some smartphones and not others. FLi has sent updates out on the FL Android and iPhone apps that resolved the issue around premium video. They are also chasing Apple on getting through the follow up to date to fix issues around news feeds.

Player issues

Any supporter encountering issues with the ‘Player’ subscription service, such as problems logging in or an inability to hear the commentary, should email 

Improvements to the news page

Sapient Nitro have already increased the number of news items listed in the news subsection from 9 to 15, but are planning to launch a new pagination functionality on 6 September.

New live match centre 

A new match day functionality is currently being tested, but has been delayed due to on-going issues with the data feed from the Press Association. 

As many fans will know, Huddersfield Town is part of the wider Football League Interactive deal, which means that Town has no say over which website provider is used to produce its official website. This is a long term legacy from the days of Town’s Administration in 2003 and will not conclude for a number of years.

In many aspects the Club is directly powerless to affect the situation, but we are continuing to press the League and provider Sapient Nitro for responses and action.

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