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31 August 2012

Town’s Chairman responds to Jordan’s departure

Huddersfield Town Chairman Dean Hoyle today commented on Jordan Rhodes’ departure to Blackburn Rovers:
“I’ve said throughout my reign that every player has his price – including Jordan. Critically that price must be right for the Club; only if it is, and a player then also wants to go, is a deal to be done.
“During January we turned down a bid for Jordan and I asked him to help us attain Championship status. I also personally explained to Jordan that if a club came in with an acceptable offer and if the timing was right in the summer, then I would do the right thing by Jordan and not stand in his way. Being honest, I envisaged if we got to the Championship then the move would be to a Premiership Club as he has always been very settled here.
“Over the last six weeks we’ve turned down a series of escalating bids from Blackburn Rovers. Those deals did not meet our valuation and the terms were not correct for the Club either. 
“As the speculation increased over the last few weeks, Jordan made it clear to me that he wanted the opportunity to speak to Blackburn Rovers. I could understand his reasons – even though they are in the same division. I was sympathetic, but my duty is to the Club and those bids were nowhere near good enough, so no deal was done and time has ticked by.
“Faced with the scenario of having a player who had done so much for us, Jordan’s wish to speak to them and now a financial deal on offer for the Club - the biggest in the history of the Club by a huge margin and probably one of the largest outside the top flight - I couldn’t stand in Jordan’s way. As much as I wanted to turn down it because of the timing, the right thing to do for the Club was to accept.  
“Jordan is a special talent, but we have obtained a very special deal which will stand us in good stead for years to come. 

“A lot of money has been invested in players so it is pleasing to see some benefit now come to fruition. Part of our overall plan for the long term sustainability of the Club is to invest in and recruit good young players, develop them and sell them for a profit. As with other players before Jordan in the ‘New Era’, and I hope many others in the future, this is part and parcel of the game - players eventually move on. 
“Selling Jordan clearly brings back memories of the sale of Marcus Stewart – there is no hiding from that. In accepting any offer, my own barometer was simple; could I stand up and be counted and say honestly and truthfully the deal was simply so good it was impossible to turn down. Yesterday an offer was received which passed that test. All elements of our valuation were met in full, unconditionally and guaranteed, with future upsides also.  
“Our challenge now is to continue to move the Club forward. Simon (Grayson) and I have talked long and hard about what is required, we believe we can of course continue to maintain our forward progress. Our collective objectives have not changed for this season or beyond. 

“When players like Anthony Pilkington departed for the Premiership, we have continued to progress and I am confident we will do the same now.
“Finally, some may question whether moving to another Championship club is the correct career move for Jordan. That is not for any of us to judge; we should just celebrate what he has done for us in his time here.  In a short time Jordan has attained legendary status through his goal-scoring exploits at a Club with a rich history and many heroes. I think every last one of our fans will wish him all the best. It is fitting having scored on his debut he also scored on his last game for us. I wish him well - except for when he plays us!”

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